At SanDream, we aim for the radical renewal of every woman, and for this reason, we are advancing in two directions:

  • In the internal process of self-improvement through techniques and strategies
    (we learn how to use our intuition and judgment correctly, to deal with situations and to gain more confidence in ourselves).
  • To change our external image
    (with the help of our special team, which consists of a nutritionist, costume designer, makeup artist and hair stylist).

    You will contact our team for:

  • Inhancing self-confidence / self-esteem.
  • Panic attacks and psychosomatic symptoms, which arise as a result of non-immediate intervention and treatment in difficult issues.
  • Conflict management in interpersonal relationships (erotic, friendly, professional, family), we guide the person to adopt the most strategic and least painful solution, in any obstacle that arises.
  • Couple counseling in an atmosphere of understanding and trust, the couple is able to recognize and resolve conflicts, improving their intra-relationship communication.
  • Career issues.
  • Support in professional or personal challenges.
  • The services we provide to you:

  • They guide you in HOW you can say They guide you in HOW you can say NO and at the same time coexist harmoniously with your social environment and at the same time coexist harmoniously with your social environment.
  • They teach you HOW to bring and maintain your relationships in balance both personally and professionally.
  • They offer you a specially designed program, specialized exclusively to your needs, which can be a guide for your daily life.


Antheon 23, Ano Glyfada, 16674
Attica, Greece


(+30) 6944 367218
(+30) 210 9621422


Online sessions are by appointment