Depending on the developmental level of the child, the difficulty and the purpose of the counseling intervention, we choose the appropriate means and activities that encourage emotional expression, improve communication skills and enhance the child’s self esteem.

At Sandream we treat and support all incidents immediately, with the aim of providing short and long term relief, as well as preventing serious disorders.

Child Counseling can help in:

  • Special education
    (speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, music education, detection and educational intervention for learning disabilities).
  • General behavior
    (for example: anxiety, insecurity, too timid, low self-confidence, bordering).
  • Early intervention.
Psychological support for the child
  • Problematic relationships and communication within the family, at school and in the wider social / interpersonal context.
  • Antisocial behavior (for example: aggression, kleptomania).
  • Attention deficit disorder.
  • Adolescence problems.
  • Professional orientation.


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Online sessions are by appointment