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Sandrine Oskian


My belief and perseverance in activating the inner forces that we hide as humans has led me to treat deeply the exploitation of our own motivations, with the aim of awakening them, so that our mental and physical health can be improved immediately and effectively.

Because I believe in the power that every woman hides inside her and i aim at her vigilance- while studying the psychology of women (University «Koreva-Formation») – I felt the need to create SanDream, so that women, through counseling, find the energy that will help them, mainly to progress.

To achieve your goals, you must first believe in yourself!

It’s important to note that my previous studies in marketing and public relations, came to confirm what I always believed. In other words, to be able to achieve your objectives, you must first believe in yourself.

My considerable experience in organization and implementation of many exigent events and my love for children, incited me to create years ago, step by step, the French education center "Le Petit Paris", which today exceeds the usual standard. Its success is due, mainly, to the fact that I have tried to convey my own philosophy and to be original in all its fields, from conception to implementation of the courses.

So today, I’m waiting for you at SanDream, where with modern techniques and strategic planning, we can deal with any situation that worries you!

SanDREAM - Counseling and support for woman and child

Rafaela-Nicoletta Kallioupi


Rafaela-Nicoletta Kallioupi has assumed the role of Mental Health Counselor and Specialized Educator within the SanDream team. She has graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National University of Athens. Holds a Master in "Special Education" and an MBA in "Business Administration" (Kentucky University).

I believe that every child can be complete as an individual and build a well-structured personality, having received the right guidelines with dedication and love. For this reason, as an expert, i aim to let the child know how to use the opportunities and the tools given by his environment, so that he can exploit them effectively.

Rafaela-Nicoletta Kallioupi

She has collaborated – to make speeches - with associations of parents and guardians of schools in Attica, as well as with mental health centers. In addition, from 2018, she provides business coaching services to corporate human resources. Her love for children and the elderly has led her to offer mental health services in clinics.

She graduated in piano from the National Conservatory and believes that music therapy helps people to influence their social environment differently.


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